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[GreenYes] Re: Vermicompost Bins

To any and all interested in this question:

I've forwarded your discussion to Oscar Michel, Urban Ore's new Office Manager.  Several months ago he acquired for us one black plastic worm bin, which he installed in our meeting room.  It's quite active; he will tell you more about it.  But our meeting room is in use a lot of the time, mostly for interviews or discussions involving up to a dozen people.  It's also it's a place that employees use to eat lunch when nothing else is going on.  Our supply room is adjacent, as well as the employee bathroom, and you walk right by the bin on your way to both destinations, usually without even noticing the thing.  About a month ago I asked in one of our weekly managers' meetings how many of our eight or so managers had ever noticed any odors from the worm bin no further than 10 feet from any of them at the time I asked.  Not one hand went up.  That's how good these things are.  No flies, no liquid or anything else on the floor below the bins.  But lots of happy worms wiggling around under the protective top layer of burlap.

Regarding the worm water, it's the stuff of life to plants.  I attended a two day workshop at UC Santa Cruz on soil biota a few years ago and discovered that the big buzzword among organic growers these days is something called "compost tea."  This supercharged liquid fertilizer (similar to worm water) is all organic, full of nutrients to feed the soil, and is a major plus for growers who have discovered all sorts of ways to make and apply it to their crops.  Just a week ago I brought a quart of the dark brown transparent worm water home and used it on some recently purchased strawberry and tomato sets with very good effect.  So count your blessings for the "tea," turkey baster or no.  I think ours uses a different and more convenient method or removal, though.

Again, I've asked Oscar to respond separately to this thread.

Dan Knapp
Urban Ore, Inc. 
On Apr 1, 2008, at 10:58 AM, Karin Grobe wrote:

I was very disappointed in this bin which relies on the user removing excess moisture with a turkey baster. The Can-O-Worms is excellent, but for the price I recommend storage tubs with holes drilled in the bottom and the sides?just like the Worm-a-way except with drainage. 


More information can be found on Santa Cruz County?s excellent compost website?

Karin Grobe

Organic Recyclers Anonymous


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I?m looking for a vermicompost bin and wonder if anyone has had experience with the Worm-a-way® Model 7002 (Flowerfield Enterprises) that processes 2-3 lbs. garbage per week.  Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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