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[GreenYes] Markets and Idealism vs. False Recycling

Municipal Program Reps:

Would you encourage the practice of haulers who tell their clients:

"Just throw all of your [insert commodity, e.g. plastic] in the bin,
we'll sort it out when it gets here."

I am **NOT** talking about singlestream practices.

I am speaking of the practice of advising all tenants/visitors/
employees of a facility to throw all plastics (for example) into the
proper receptacle because the [dirty?] MRF is going to sift out what
it wants later.

In this region, narrow-necked 1s and 2s are the market standard.

Practically or philosophically, what happens when the end-user is lead
to believe s/he is recycling much more than the MRF is actually able
to market.

If the MRF actually holds items long enough to collect them in bulk
from multiple haulers' routes... this _is_ what we want.

If the MRF is landfilling the majority of plastic collected from
consumers tossing *everything*...
I don't like the idea of receptacles for "false" recycling.

Any thoughts on the role of a municipality?

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