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[GreenYes] Re: Michigan bill could repeal landfill ban on yard waste

Oh, that is bad news.  But hey everybody, this is the story of the day!!  Very quietly, WMI and SWANA and all the other ISWM (integrated solid waste management) advocates are moving forward with “bioreactor” landfills as the replacement for Subtitle D “dry tomb” landfills that were invented in 1991.  Never mind that Europe looked at bioreactors long ago and rejected them in any and all forms as unsafe and unable to keep pollution from the environment.  Unfortunately, the EU seems bent on using the new waste to energy technologies and burning the 30% of their discards that they’ll have after “recovering” 70% for recycling and composting.


The “bridge strategy” discussion that happened on this list recently is related to this issue of “states overturning yard waste bans.”  The politicians are being told that bioreactors are “green energy”, so why wouldn’t they support them?  We, the Zero Wasters of the world, need to have an effective counter-plan to that… a positive one to offer in its place.





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I'm sorry to report, that Eric is incorrect about Nebraska.


The Unicameral weakened the yardwaste landfill ban: "One exception to

this restriction is when the yard waste is placed in a permitted

landfill and used as part of a system to produce methane as a fuel

source. The system must include an active landfill gas collection

system and a legitimate user of the methane fuel."


The Pheasant Point landfill owned by Waste Management now accepts

yardwaste as highlighted in this document and specifications set by

the state:$FILE/07-291.pdf


Nebraska's landfill bans and landfill requirements are in this



On Feb 8, 12:40 pm, "Eric Lombardi" <e...@no.address> wrote:

> Peter,


> A small coalition of people along with

> GRRN have been fighting them, and winning, in Indiana, Illinois, and

> Nebraska.  



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