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[GreenYes] Re: [ZWIA] Re: Zero Waste plans


Your comment below suggesting that French WTE facilities are "dirtier" than others caught my attention.

The Chair of our regional Waste Management Committee is off to Paris soon to look at two incinerators operated by Suez Environnement. Can you (or another member of this list) advise me whether these facilities fall into the "dirtiest" category or the "most expensive" category.



At 04:29 PM 1/31/2008, Enzo Favoino wrote:
A snap hint on the fly
 I am fed up with
"experts" and "decision makers" quoting French costs (dirtiest) and German emissions (most expensive)
e.g. limit values for TCDD/TCDF here were dropped by the incineration directive from 10 ng-TEQ down to 0,1 ng-TEQ (of course one question that may arise is: is this sufficient?) but this made incineration the least cost-effective solution, and they ahd to establish funding rpogrammes for energy in order to keep the option partly economically viable - although remarkably more expensive than any recycling/composting/AD/MBT

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