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[GreenYes] Help for Italy

Title: [GreenYes] Help for Italy

Hi folks,

I just got off the phone with allies in Italy who are neck-deep
(literally) in the Naples waste crisis. They are trying to persuade the
Italian public (and government and media) that incinerators are not the
solution to their problem. Examples from the US of successful Zero Waste
strategies, or even high diversion rates (even if not explicitly called
ZW) would be incredibly helpful, since the US is seen as something of a
leader in this field. Ideally, these would be from mid- to large-sized
cities, to be comparable. you all have some quick and dirty examples of successful
programs? Names of cities, diversion rates, program costs would be the
key information, I think. Examples from other parts of the world would
be great, too.

Thanks so much!


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