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[GreenYes] Zero Waste Week in Bath, U.K.

Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2008 23:05:39 GMT
From: greenmission2010@no.address

article from
Date : 24.01.08
A week of efforts to reduce the waste produced by homes in Bath has been judged a success.Zero Waste Week last year asked people to take up the challenge of seeing how little rubbish they could throw away by reducing, reusing, recycling and composting instead and recording their achievements.

Participants managed to cut their waste down to just of a quarter of what they would normally throw away.

They achieved this through some imaginative approaches including:

taking a reusable plastic box to shops to buy items from sandwiches to cheese and fresh meat

using yoghurt pots to plant seeds

giving up crisps, sweets and plastic-wrapped toys for the week

baking flapjacks as an alternative to sweets

freezing leftover food.

Participants found the Bath and North East Somerset Council-organised week brought back a number of old habits, including buying loose vegetables and using markets, using reusable nappies for young children, composting waste and using reusable bags when out shopping.

One family that did particularly well were the Pritchard-Booths, who heard about the week through Newbridge Primary School. They reduced the amount they threw away from 17kg to just 405g - the equivalent of nearly two black binbags down to just half a carrier bag's worth.

Mum Lisa said: "We will definitely buy more wisely in the future.

"We'll recycle or compost more paper and foil and cardboard and at home we'll compost things such as food peelings."

B &NES cabinet member Cllr Charles Gerrish said: "Bath and North East Somerset Council would like to pass on a really big thank you to everyone who took part this year, including parish councils, schools, community groups, council staff and councillors.

"It was a magnificent achievement and proves just what can be done when people put their minds to something."

For further information on how you can reduce the amount you throw away, go to uk/wasteservices.

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