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[GreenYes] NYSAR Praises Governor Spitzer for Inclusion of Bottle Bill Expansion in Budget

For More Information Contact                                                            For Immediate Release
Jeff Cooper
President, NYSAR3
315-952-4597 cell

State's Recycling Organization Praises Governor Spitzer
for Inclusion of Bottle Bill Expansion in Budget

Syracuse, NY - The New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling (NYSAR3) applauded Governor Spitzer for including the Bigger Better Bottle Bill (BBBB) provisions in the budget he released today.

"If these provisions are included in the final State budget they would have an immediate impact on reducing the amount of litter on and in New York?s roads and waterways. It would also raise $100 million for the State's environmental programs. A large portion of these funds would go to support local recycling programs,? said Jeff Cooper, President of NYSAR3.  "More importantly, it would greatly increase recycling of beverage containers."

The provision would require that almost all beverage containers would have a 5 cent deposit. The current law limits redemption to soda and beer containers, or carbonated beverages. Currently, about 8 out of 10 containers that carry a deposit are recycled, while less than half of non-redeemable containers are recycled.

Increased recycling of beverage containers would save energy, reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses, save natural resources and preserve landfill space.

"Aluminum cans and plastic bottles are in great demand by manufacturers," said Jeff Edwards, NYSAR3's Legislative Committee Chair. "By increasing recycling of these materials we are not only helping the environment, we are helping the economy.?
Recycling beverage containers through the bottle bill system, rather than through curbside collection, also often creates higher value materials. Glass recycled from redemption systems is less contaminated and therefore more likely to be to be made into new glass bottles.

NYSAR3 is the New York State affiliate of the National Recycling Coalition. It represents about one hundred and fifty recycling experts from municipal, corporate and not-for-profit recycling operations as well as those that strongly support recycling. NYSAR3's, mission is to support recycling in New York State.


GW Associates
702 S. Beech
Syracuse, NY 13210
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