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[GreenYes] United States Patent 6329437 recycled plastics for construction engineering

Materials for construction engineering based on recycled or newly made plastic materials, improved building components made for said materials and methods of making same
Document Type and Number:
United States Patent 6329437
The universal building material for construction engineering is made from plastic waste material from any and all types of plastics and/or from newly made or fresh plastic materials and is used to make various improved building components, building elements or buildings. The material is environmentally friendly and does not cause any health problems. The material can be combined with other building materials and raw materials. It is also not easily inflammable and has very good heat transfer and thermal insulation properties. In addition, it is waterproof, weatherproof, and it can easily be worked with. The material also has the property that the waste that it produces is always reusable. It has also comparatively small financial and economical expenses during the production and fabrication. The material conserves natural resources and complies with legal requirements in the building industry. The universal building material can contain recycled material from any type of plastic waster materials or fresh or newly made plastic materials, such as PE, PVC, PP, PS and ABS, and can be used for building construction above and below ground, as an additive material in other building materials, as a balance material and for thermal insulation and for sound absorption. The volume and weight ratios or proportions of the different types of plastic materials provided in the recycled material and/or the newly produced plastic materials can be adjusted to fit each particular application.

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