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[GreenYes] Recycling contamination hot melt glue in Waste Age

Dear Green Yes List members ~
In the December  issue of Waste Age, there were two instances where recycling-incompatible hot melt glue were used -- both on the cover for the renewal form and on the inside, where a 12 month calendar was inserted.
As described in previous notes to this list and in the article in the May issue of Resource Recycling, these glues are a serious contaminant for paper recyclers, costing the industry an estimated $2 billion a year.
The use of these glues by Waste Age is especially disheartening, as not only  sent them two letters of their use of non-recycling compatible glues in their magazine and asking them to switch to formulations that are recycling compatible. Unfortunately, they responded to neither letter, and continue to use the contaminating material.
I hope that you will contact the firm and express your desire that they "Design for recycling" in their products. I have also cancelled my subscription to their magazine.
The magazine's web page is
Thanks and best wishes for 2008!
John Reindl, Chair
Wisconsin Council on Recycling

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