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[GreenYes] Sewage Sludge Guidance - Comment Period Open

HI ZWForum, Cal-Activist, GRRN:
** Please forward to your Chapter Conservation Committees and to other activists working on sludge issues. ****
The Sierra Club Zero Waste Committee is soliciting comments on the updated version of the club's Sewage Sludge Guidance.  You must be a Sierra Club member and have the Username and Password to visit this site and post comments.  Please contact your Chapter staff person to get your Username and Password or you may be able to get it from the website by following instructions on the bottom of the Clubhouse home page.
Please go to:

Guidance is a step down from policy, so does not need Board approval, but we are opening the Proposed Guidance on Land Application of Sewage Sludge up to four weeks of comments before before finalizing it. Find out more here and share your comments here.

Is the actual text and the button to leave comments. 
Please do not reply to me as the comments must go through the Club's system to be archived.
Ann Schneider
Chair, National Zero Waste Committee

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