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[GreenYes] Re: Christmas Recycling Ideas/Myths

Hi Pete

I assisted at a Holiday Camp recently and picked up how to make a paper mache "Chest of Drawers".  The measurement used is big enough to hold 3 tissue boxes as drawers. 

I have to admit that when I am out shopping for gifts, I have been guilty of choosing product based on the packaging the product came in.  However, now that I know how to create "Chest of Drawers", I will be creating gift boxes out of tissue boxes.  That way, the gift boxes can be reuse as drawers for the chest.

I have posted pictorial instruction on how to make the "Chest of Drawers" on my blog at the following link:

Teach the children to create their "Chest of Drawers" and you may not have to guess what they want for X'mas.  It will be painted all over the box.  What better way to reduce waste than to get what they want.


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