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[GreenYes] Setting Garbage Rates for Apartment Houses irrespective of Recycling.

Here in Oakland, California, I have been asked to design a recycling program for a senior housing apartment house owned by the Episopal Church. The City insists that we pay for garbage based on the number of dwelling units (195 apartments, 225 total residents) rather than based on the quantity of garbage service we actually need which will be, after program implementation, a small fraction of the 21 yards per week of current service.
Has anyone had any luck getting a city to change its mind about garbage volume requirements for apartments to reward strong recycling behavio rs? Oakland declared a zero waste policy two years ago and is adopting a plan without paying any attention to this practice which punishes people (higher fees for less service) for recycling.
Arthur R. Boone, Total Recycling Associates. 510/910-6451.

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