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Waste Management to Test Automated Recycling

Date: November 9, 2007

Source: Tomra Systems ASA

Order from Waste Management

TOMRA has today entered into an agreement with an affiliate of Waste
Management, Inc. (WMI) for delivery and service of 15 of TOMRA's Automated
Recycling Centers (ARC). WMI is North America's leading provider of waste
and environmental services to the municipal, commercial, industrial and
residential sectors.

Waste Management will use the ARCs in a pilot program in non-deposit markets
in North America to test consumers' response to incentive-based recycling.
The pilot program represents the introduction of the revolutionary ARC
technology in the North American market. Under the agreement the 15
recycling centers will be installed in three test markets during first half
of 2008, and the pilot is expected to run until mid 2009.

Says Amund Skarholt, TOMRA's President and CEO: "Combining TOMRA's unique
ARC technology with the operational skills and recycling capabilities of
Waste Management creates a strong platform for effective and efficient
recycling of rigid packaging in non-deposit markets in North America. The
agreement represents a commitment by the two companies to test ARCs as a
vehicle to increase recycling in North America and to explore the
opportunity for further deployment of this technology outside the initial
test markets if the pilot is successful".

For further comments, please contact Amund Skarholt (+47 97 55 94 25) or
Trond K. Johannessen (+47 91 59 66 88).

Asker, 8 November 2007
Tomra Systems ASA

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