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[GreenYes] Re: Polystyrene Lunch Trays

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Polystyrene Lunch Trays

Here's a study EPA's  Wastewise sent me from the Itsaca Medical Center
in Grand Rapids, MN ( published in a document by the MN office of
Waste Mgmt.) was on changing from single use plates to reusable
plates.  Here is what they found,  on an annual basis using 72
reusable plates vs 64 cases of disposable plates.

cu yd = cubic yards
cu in = cubic inches

                        Single Use  Plates              Reusable  Plates                cost reduction
Waste Volume            2,252,800 cu in/yr              510 cu in/yr
2,252,290 cu in or 39.8 cu. yd
(99.9% reduction)
Waste weight              1280 lb/yr              8.4 lb/yr             1,272 lb/yr (99 % wgt
Cost                       $2,304/yr              $146 ( incl washing costs)     $2,158  (94% cost
Number used             32,000/yr                       72 in 3 years            31,976/yr

Payback period - it was calculated that the payback period for buying
the reusable plates would be 39 days.  After that time the Medical
Center will save $2,209 per year for the remainder of the life of the

Also, Look on the JTRNet archives at   and

On Nov 2, 8:38 pm, "Amy Hemmert" <a...@no.address> wrote:
> I just received the following inquiry from a teacher. Any ideas?
> "Do you have any information to help my students research the effects/waste
> of styrofoam lunch trays? Thanks!"
> Thanks!
> Amy Hemmert
> Obentec, Inc.

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