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[GreenYes] RE: subsidies and environmental impact fees

Title: [GreenYes] RE: subsidies and environmental impact fees

Hi ~

I agree with the need to eliminate subidies, but think that it is crucial to also have the environmental impact fees as recognized by Pigou.

This is not an either-or situation -- both are needed.

I also think (and wish that it weren't so), that it will be harder to eliminate the subsidies than to move forward with the enviornmental impact fees.


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> Eliminating a raw material subsidy is better than a tax on the same
> raw materials wasted.  The General Mining Act 1872 reform passed the
> House by the way, last week.  But Sen Majority leader Reid is from
> Nevada and there is a lot of speculation it will be watered down.
> The PIRGs are strongly championing the reform measure.  ISRI is
> debating it internally.  NRC is apparently silent on raw material
> subsidies.  SWANA is oblivious.  Anyone at Greenyes have any
> connections to bring folks together on this?  The opportunity to
> reform only comes up every 135 years or so.  When recyclers are
> silent, extraction companies will do the talking... Obama is now pro
> mining...
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