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[GreenYes] please spread the word ... don't buy garbage-based REC's !!

Greetings all,


Just a reminder … GRRN has launched a new campaign about buying “renewable energy credits” (REC’s) that are NOT from garbage-based energy, such as landfill gas or incineration.   The campaign, “Garbage is NOT Renewable Energy”, is described briefly in the press release below, which I would encourage everyone to forward to anyone you know that is buying REC’s.   Also, send folks to the GRRN website where there is a LOT more good technical information on this topic. (





For Immediate Release-- Friday, September 14, 2007


National Movement to Stop Buying Energy from Garbage:

Zero Waste Advocates say renewable energy credits may be supporting the destruction of natural resources and the polluting practices of burning and burying garbage.


The GrassRoots Recycling Network (GRRN) warns that well-meaning public and business leaders working to offset their carbon emissions may be inadvertently spending money on renewable energy credits (RECs) that support the destruction of natural resources and the polluting practices of burning and burying garbage.

Landfill and incineration industries have lobbied to have the greenhouse gas emissions from their facilities considered "green energy," worthy of tax credits similar to the ones given to solar and wind energy projects. In fact, "garbage-to-energy" is now being legally classified in numerous states as a "renewable" energy source. Eric Lombardi, GRRN Board President says “This is in direct opposition to the goal of the Zero Waste Movement -- to eliminate waste, not enshrine it as a renewable resource.”

GRRN Board Member Carly Weir says “Giving tax credits and subsidies to the garbage industry competes against wind, solar and recycling projects, and creates a financial reward for producing garbage and destroying natural resources. In the battle against climate change, we need to act decisively against waste and greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating, not just reducing these sources, and giving priority to clean, carbon-free energy.”

GRRN asserts that ultimately reducing waste is still the best decision for the environment and the economy. Communities and institutions would be better served by committing to zero waste goals and keeping compostable organics out of the landfill in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally consumers and institutions can purchase RECs from carbon offset companies that provide waste-free energy.

GRRN has a list of waste-free carbon offset and renewable energy providers along with action steps for college and institutions at 


For more information visit for facts and supporting documentation.
For quotes or information contact:

Eric Lombardi, GRRN Board President  (303) 444-6634
Carly Weir, GRRN Board Secretary (970) 668-5703
Linda Christopher, GRRN Executive Director  (707) 321-7883


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