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[GreenYes] North Pacific Plastics Gyre

Title: North Pacific Plastics Gyre

The whole Eastern Garbage Patch/North Pacific Gyre Plastics Swirl is just fascinating and pathetic. I’m most fascinated by the fact that big media hasn’t picked this up the same way they did those garbage barges back in the ‘80s. It’s almost as if they’re desensitized to this issue.

Probably the most interesting article on discarded materials I’ve ever read is a Harper’s piece that ran last year called “Moby-Duck: or the synthetic wilderness of childhood.” I highly recommend this essay, even if it is long. Donovan Hohn is one of the really great writers that no one knows about.

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on 11/25/07 4:54 AM, Nancy Poh at greenbeingnancy@no.address wrote:

A cartoon to remind all concern to place rubbish bins all along the waterways like the Russians are doing it.  That could be the solution to the island of plastic reported sighted in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

If the bins are within reach, the rubbish will not land at the next convenient spot.


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