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[GreenYes] College Council Created By New York State Recycling Association

For More Information Contact                                               For Immediate Release
John F. Halenar, Program Coordinator

College Council Created
By New York State Recycling Association

(COOPERSTOWN, NY)?Colleges and Universities across the State of New York should find it easier to implement and expand on-campus recycling programs, as well as to deal with challenges related to waste prevention and other environmental issues, as a result of a new program introduced by the New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling (NYSAR3).

The new NYSAR3 College Council was unveiled at the organization?s annual Fall Recycling Conference, held this year at the historic Otesaga Hotel in Cooperstown.  The College Council is a membership-based organization designed to provide a forum through which college students, environmental staff, and faculty can share information about common environmental problems and best practices that have been developed to overcome those problems. 

The College Council will also provide college and university representatives with access to the expertise and knowledge of the environmental professionals who make up the regular membership of NYSAR3

From the organization?s perspective, the College Council will serve as a vehicle through which NYSAR3 can add to its membership base from a previously untapped segment.  It is also hoped that the management structure that is planned for the College Council will serve as a model for other existing NYSAR3 programs, such as the Buy Recycled Alliance of New York, which is designed to encourage business, government and individuals to purchase more recycled-content products; the Organics Council, which promotes composting across the state; and the GoGreen Initiative, a statewide program that helps K-12 schools implement recycling and other environmental programs.

Former Verizon Environmental Manager and long-time NYSAR3 board member John Halenar has been named as the state coordinator for the College Council.  ?I?m really excited to be part of this project because I believe it?s going to be a win-win for everyone involved,? Halenar said.

?I think the colleges will be able to benefit from our public and private sector members, and as importantly, I think our regular membership will be able to learn a lot from the really exciting and innovative programs that are being implemented on some of our New York campuses.  And, of course, some of us old-timers who have been involved with environmental issues for a long time are likely to be re-energized by having a chance to work closely with the young men and women who will be our future environmental leaders.?                                      

Halenar said NYSAR3 has been considering creation of the College Council for some time, having conducted a roundtable discussion at last year?s recycling conference to determine interest and the feasibility of creating the new program.  Now that the NYSAR3 board has approved the concept, Halenar said he will immediately start contacting colleges about:

        *  signing on as founding members
        * developing a members-only listserve and newsletter
        * adding a College Council page to the NYSAR3 website;
        * planning regional meetings and workshops
         * and developing a college-oriented track for next year?s recycling conference, among
               other tasks.

For more information about the College Council or to receive a membership application, contact Halenar at 551-486-0315 or johnhalenar@no.address.  For more information on NYSAR3 and its other programs and services, contact NYSAR3?s Administrative Assistant Diane Fisher at PO Box 3913, Albany, NY  12203; 1-888-925-7329; e-mail: diane@no.address or see the NYSAR3 website at


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702 S. Beech
Syracuse, NY 13210
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