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[GreenYes] RE: paper vs polystyrene

Title: [GreenYes] RE: paper vs polystyrene

The best choice are paper cups which are not plastic lined which are
completely biodegradable, such as the ecotainer which can be found here:

Ecotainer cups carry the US Composting Council/Biodegradable Products
Institute COMPOSTABLE certification.  "This product meets ASTM#D6400,
"Standard specifications for compostable plastics", and is intended to be
composted in a municipal or commercial facility operated in accordance with
best composting management practices."  This is the future.  More and more
communities are collecting compostables, not just yard waste, but food waste
and non-recyclable paper, PLA (corn), etc.  The ecotainer cup is NOT lined
with plastic but with PLA (corn) so it is completely biodegradable.  When
reusable mugs/plates/etc are not going to be used, this is the best way to

I think the foam arguments are an industry generated way of trying to green
the image of a product which is not green.  Foam has extremely limited
recyclablility and is extremely detrimental in our waterways and the

Stephen N. Weisser, Sales Manager
GreenLine Paper Company, Inc.
631 S. Pine Street
York, PA 17403
Close the loop: recycling works when we buy recycled.

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Sent: Monday, October 29, 2007 10:07 AM
To: Stephen N Weisser
Subject: Re: paper vs polystyrene

Lot's of information on paper vs. polystyrene.  Some of which might be seen
as biased, some not.  There's definitely an argument for both sides.  I
think it ultimately depends on the circumstances of how the cups will be
used and disposed of.  We're going back and forth on this issue at work.  If
they actually recycled the paper cups it wouldn't be an issue, but they're
are just getting thrown away like the foam ones so, given the facts, which
is worse?

~James Miller

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> Behalf Of Miriam Holsinger
> Sent: Monday, July 10, 2006 1:10 PM
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> Subject: [GreenYes] paper vs polystyrene
> I had a cafe owner ask me about using paper cups vs styrofoam cups. My
> gut reaction was to cry out "paper!", which is what the customers have
> been saying too. However, doing cursory research online, all I can
> find are testimonies as to how much less resources and energy
> polystyrene uses and the fact that in a landfill neither decompose.
> Granted, I believe most of our garbage is burned and the polystyrene does
give off more toxins.
> However, she read that most paper cups have a plastic coating or
> liner, which would make them somewhat evil to burn too... We both know
> that real answer to the debate is for customers to bring their own
> mug. However, until that happens a hundred percent of the time, does
> anyone have any good research on this issue or know where to find some?
> Thanks,
> Miriam

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