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[GreenYes] RE:New advertising campaign for Yellow Tail wines

 From another listserv    [see original message below]:
Start by writing to the editor of this magazine which touts it's advocacy of a simpler life...and let them know that this kind of ad make your recycling life harder.
For the bigger picture, contact David Refkin, the President of the National Recycling Coalition AND the Director of Sustainable Development at Time, Inc.--Real Simple's Publisher--and let him know that this kind of ad is NOT sustainable, and causes problems recycling their virgin paper magazine.  Time has taken the position that they would rather place the cost burden on local government to recycle their magazines than to print them on recycled paper--it's just not "economically feasible".  This burden is made harder with this kind of ad... 212-522-3356, e-mail: david_refkin@no.address's a quote from David as a panelist at the 2006 State of the Planet gathering at the Earth Institute of Columbia University:
" ... I've spent a lot of time working some of the NGOs and with businesses getting, for instance, companies to make greenhouse gas commitments, and you can achieve some real results there. But you know, there's no question that at the end of the day businesses are focused on shareholder value. And there's no value for sustainable development, there's no value for carbon dioxide, there's no value for avoiding the calamity that we're facing. So, you know, I think that businesses are very good at doing what they're doing, but you know, the shareholders of the planet Earth are the people, and they are the ones who are going to have to face the consequences of unsustainable development. So I actually think that the NGOs haven't done a good enough job of you know, creating a political framework in which sustainable development actually makes business sense, and that's why we have unsustainable development. ..."


Here, he's actually blaming non-profit organizations for not forcing government to force business to be sustainable...


Good Luck with your writing campaign...I hope others representing NGOs on this list also chime in...since it's apparently our responsibility to make Time, Inc. be more sustainable!

Pete Pasterz


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In looking through the recent RealSimple magazine, I noticed a print ad for Yellow Tail wines. You push a button and the tails of flies on the page light up. So, of course it has a battery inside. How many people are really going to pull out this advertisement to ensure that the battery is managed properly?

I think this is a horrible advertisement and wonder if there is any   way to encourage them to stop.  

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