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[GreenYes] greetings from wichita KS

Title: [GreenYes] greetings from wichita KS

dear Ann:

how are you? looks like you are in Millbrae.
how are your parents?

i sometimes get on green yes and of course enjoy when i see your
its always wonderful to connect like that even though it is a one way

I will be in Sunnyvale in Dec./Jan. as my parents come from india and
are going to be staying with their only grandson..... I will surely
call you then.

A dear friend here in wichita KS Rev. Connie Pace-Adair who is a
spirited grassroots sustainability activist, Chair of the Kansas Earth
Spirit Coalition, want to meet with the Seirra Club Board in SF.

I ofcourse thought of you and connect you and her as you are so active
in SC and might have some pointers for her.
I want to send her your phone # and email if she chooses to connect
with you.
YOur thoughts?


Ann Schneider
Millbrae, CA 94030
 650 697-6249
Schneider...@no.address or Ann.Schnei...@no.address

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