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[GreenYes] Re: biodegradable flatware

Ann - 

In the Bay Area, I would call around to a few Whole Foods stores. Most stores carry some amount of biodegradable "stuff", though I can't recall seeing much in the flatware arena. A number of take out places in San Francisco proper also use green-colored, NatureWorks PLA flatware and you might be able to cadge some from a willing shop (depending on how much you need).

Good luck!

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On Oct 19, 2007, at 5:20 PM, Ann Schneider wrote:


I just received an urgent phone call from Vickie Lee who is helping with
the Sierra Club Calif Fund Raiser this Sunday at Larry Fahn's house in
Marin.  She is looking for biodegradable flatware (knives, spoons,
forks).  I am going blank on where she could go to get these items at
this very short notice.  She lives up in Hercules but is willing to
travel to find the items.

Does anyone have any ideas of where she might get these items in the bay


Ann Schneider
Millbrae, CA 94030 
 650 697-6249

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