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[GreenYes] Re: C & D recycling facilities

Title: [GreenYes] Re: C & D recycling facilities

On Tue, 16 Oct 2007, Dolph, Jan wrote:
> On the issue of C&D, does anyone know of any cities that are operating a
> residential C&D program (similar to the Habitat's Re-Sale store)?  So
> far, I'm only finding that cities have commercial C&D programs.

If you mean by "cities", an operation run by the government, I think you
will be hard pressed to find such things.  Most operations are run by
either private commercial entities or nonprofit orgs.  If you just mean
who can access the services, that's another thing.  Some of these
operations anybody can buy from, some only low-income homeowners and
nonprofits, some only commercial entities, some anybody can bring to, etc.

There are certainly a number of different building materials related reuse
& salvage operations in many different places.  As far as C&D waste,
that's another thing.  The difference here for me is the difference
between directly reusable material (reusable as-is or with simple
processing such as paint jobs, denailing, removing mortar, etc.) or
recyclable (crushing and using as fill, composting, chipping, removing
ferrous metals to send to steel mills, processing and inclusion in some
industrial process, etc.)

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