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[GreenYes] Re: C & D recycling facilities

Christine Mc Coy:
You raise an interesting question.  What are the facts surrounding the citizen issues?
What is the nature of the 'industrialized area, a commercial/industrial strip surrounded by residential neighborhoods or an industrial sector or park in which the transfer station's neighbors would be other industries for several blocks? If surrounded by residential neighborhood, what other quality of life impacts have been pressed upon the community,I.e., are there significant environmental justice issues in an expansion of the facility?
What would be the incremental impact of the additional throughput necessary to increase the Transfer Stations volumes by a factor of 2?  What is the current traffic loading to the area and by what would the traffic loading increase if the transfer station were to process twice as much material? Current air quality?  How would additional volumes to and through the transfer station affect air quality in the general area, the city?
What are the direct and indirect benefits to the city from the existence of the transfer station at its current location? How are these benefits impacted, positively and negatively, by increasing transfer station volume? Do these benefits extend, in any degree, to the residents of the area of the transfer station, to the residents of the city as a whole?
The answers to these, and several other, questions are the basis for the talking points you need to address the concerns of your citizens.


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On another, yet similar note, I need information to help a C&D transfer station expand their operations here in the City of Alexandria, Virginia. They want to double the amount of through-put and it's in an industrialized part of the City but there are still citizens concerned about truck traffic, air quality, etc. What can we say to let them know that given the industrialized nature of that section of the City, that it's a beneficial land use? Anyone have any talking points to help us out?

Christine McCoy
City of Alexandria
703/519-3486 ext. 312

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