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[GreenYes] No shortage of metals in the future?

Dear Friends--I have a deep suspicion that there is something wrong with this guy's logic.  Such as there will be no energy available for the reclamation re sees off in the future?  Or am I being short sighted?   Tom

"Canadian metals guru Brian Smith, director of the Metal Materials Division at Natural Resources Canada, says over the long term there shouldn't be any metals shortages. Higher prices, he adds, are short term until supply catches up with demand. "Minerals and metals are part of the periodic table, so they can be neither created nor destroyed. Recycling means that they will always be available to us, providing that we don't eliminate them by scattering them in places we can't reach." He adds whatever comes out of the ground can be recovered, and even landfills can be considered as storage for the future."

Tom Shelley
118 E. Court St.
Ithaca, NY 14850
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