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[GreenYes] *Think Outside the Bottle launch this Wednesday*

Dear Green Yes members,

My name is Rachael Goodyer and I'm an organizer with Corporate
Accountability's 'Think Outside the Bottle' campaign. It's a
nationwide campaign aimed at highlighting the abuses of the bottled
water industry and restoring public confidence in municipal water

Each year it can cost cities more than $70 million in dumping and
incineration fees to landfill the 4 billion pounds of plastic bottles
these corporations generate. Not to mention the 18.2 tons of carbon
dioxide emissions which are pumped into the air for every one million
bottles of water that are manufactured and shipped to consumers.

Getting rid of this incredible amount of waste is part of our zero
waste future. Here in Oakland, we're aiming to make this happen this
fall by targeting Mayor Dellums of Oakland to cancel all of his
bottled water contracts and make a public stand to support municipal
water systems.

I warmly invite you to our launch event this Wednesday, 7.30pm, at the
Alice Arts Center, 1428 Alice St in downtown Oakland, to come and hear
about the campaign and how you can get involved.

I look forward to seeing you there,

Corporate Accountability International Organizer
510 809 7353

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