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[GreenYes] Public Radio's Marketplace Trash Challenge

Tess Vigeland, who is the sustainability reporter for the business news program "Marketplace", has been running a 2 week challenge to have listeners carry their [non-recyclable] trash with them for awareness of waste.  This is a prelude to a November Sustainability series on Marketplace, and other APR programs.  [see  ]
This started while I was in Denver, and the first installment I heard actually was last Friday's end of the 2 weeks.  Vigeland's comments made it sound like the premise of the exercise was to test to see if it was possible to get to ZERO WASTE.  [BTW--she tossed her bag 3 days early because it began to stink too badly]   Of course, it is not possible with the current infrastructure, but her comments and the discussion on the challenge blog imply inevitability of landfill/incineration.  
This is a great opportunity to get out our ZERO WASTE vision.  It would be great to hear our visionary leaders interviewed for this series.   Eric, Rick, Gary, Linda, Bill, Peter, others....please contact Marketplace to broaden the discussion.
Pete Pasterz
Cabarrus County Recycling/HHW
Concord, NC
(704) 920-3280
E-mail correspondence to and from this address may be subject to the North Carolina Public Records Law and may be disclosed to third parties.

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