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In Portland, OR, we require that our residential haulers give a vacation credit to customers who stop service for a period of two consecutive weeks or longer. 
We also require that haulers offer on-call service, where residential customers get no collection of waste (or recyclables or yard debris) except when they call in for service.  They cannot get on-call service more frequently than once in five weeks.  Our rates for all residential service levels are posted at  Our Administrative Rules for Residential service are posted at:
Anne McL

Anne McLaughlin, City of Portland, Office of Sustainable Development, Solid Waste & Recycling Program
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721 NW 9th Ave, Rm. 350, Portland OR 97209-3447
Phone 503-823-7061  Fax 503-823-4562 
Usual work schedule:  Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Our office is near Tri-Met Lines 9, 17 and 77, and the Portland Streetcar line.  Get schedule info at and
Visit our website at

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Are there any recycling or solid waste systems out there that only charge for when bins are actually picked up?  Meaning that if the resident is out on vacation for a month than they don't get charged and then could restart their service with, say, a call.


I'm under the assumption that recycling and garbage services generally require consistent subscription for services.


TIA, Craig


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