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[GreenYes] RE: international dialog

Hey Rick,

Michelle and I will get up (or stay up) to watch the webcast from Davos.  Do you have a detailed agenda with times available?

Thanks for arranging this!!

Jeff Morris


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Hi Zero Wasters

I have a few minutes here in Copenhagen, on my way to Berlin and then Davos for the international dialog. 

I have not received very many responses from our announcement about the Dialog and the Web cast.  This concerns me.  Several of us have invested personal euros to broadcast this conversation and it would be a shame to have a few Americans talking to themselves.  We do that too much already.

On this trip we have met with elected officials in Norwich, Stockholm, and Lund, mostly greens, and have come to recognize that we need to provide knowledge about source separation to these officials who are advocating for green policies.  It is apparent to me that the Waste Management Industry have done a better job on convince people that incineration is easier and more probable then source separation for recycling and composting.  This is not to say that greens are not for recycling, they are, but we need to demystify the discarded components as market commodities not residuals or waste, and show how source separation can be implemented in the C and D, trades and the hospitality industries as well as residents.

I think the zero waste moment  should ask local government to prepare zero waste plans that include all generators and not  just residents.  Most people we have talked to want to recycle and compost at work and at play as well as at home.

This Sunday we will provide an opportunity to discuss this on a world wide basis.  I know Eric will have to get up at 2 AM to see and participate but isn't that better then a 12 hour flight.  We need to show ourselves as well as the world that  zero wasters are all over and willing to take the intellectual and planning lead  to organize communities to better manage resources.

Please log in to our web broadcast and let us know you are there and please let me and this list know you want to participate.  If you are near Davos,  please attend.

I appreciate your involvement
Copenhagen en route to Berlin

Email and AIM finally together. You've gotta check out free AOL Mail!

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