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[GreenYes] making logging decisions

Title: [GreenYes] making logging decisions


I have some issues to face on timbered property I own
in SE WA.  I got a grant through WA State Dept of
Natural Resources to have a Forest Stewardship plan
created for property. I had a plan made which included
a timber cruise. I am faced with thinning to make the
stand healthier. It has been logged in the past before
I owned it.

I feel the Forester I hired from the list DNR gave has
the best interests of the health of the land but he
told me frankly when all is said and done, "logging is

There is significant wildlife habitat already, Moose,
grouse, deer, bear, there is noxious weed invading the

I have a difficult time reconciling cutting timber
that is older than I am knowing it won't regenerated
in my lifetime.

Any referrals who I can talk to with some experience
in this area?

Thank you,


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