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[GreenYes] Harris poll on who does and does not recycle

Folks may be interested in the recent Haris poll on recycling found on the Internet at
PS - it's too bad that it only covers recycling at home, as this is the source of the least amount of materials consumed -- business and manufacturing both consume more material and and send much more material to the landfill.
The Harris Poll(r) #67, July 11, 2007
One-Quarter Of Americans Do Not Recycle In Their Own Home
Majorities, However, Do Recycle Aluminum, Paper, Plastic And Glass

While an impressive three-quarters (77%) of American adults recycle something in their own home, one-quarter (23%) still recycle nothing at all. One may think that the younger generation is the one most likely to recycle, but this is not the case. Three in ten (30%) Echo Boomers (those aged 18 to 30) recycle nothing, compared to 19 percent of Matures (those aged 62 and older).

There is also a regional difference in who recycles and who does not. Those in the East and West are more likely to recycle (88% and 86% respectively). One-third (32%) of those in the South as well as three in ten (30%) of those in the Midwest, however, say they recycle nothing.

These are some of the results of a Harris Poll of 2,372 adults surveyed online between June 5 and 11, 2007 by Harris Interactive(r). This survey was conceived and developed by Harris Interactive and was not commissioned by any organization however, we sought and received valuable input from the Food Marketing Institute.


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