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Hello. I am Wynne Coplea, manager of waste & recycling for the city of Springfield, IL. I’ve been a professional recycling program manager since 1992 when I started as the first program coordinator for our county (Sangamon), was supervisor of recycling education and statewide ARD coordinator for IL for 2 1/2 years, and have now been at the city of Springfield for nearly 8 years. I’ve been monitoring the GreenYes group for some time now and find it to be quite possibly the premier online group regarding solid waste and recycling. I now find myself wanting to post something to the group for the first time and appreciate your consideration.



Proposed Posting:

Hello! I’m the municipal waste manager in Springfield, IL. I’m interested in the group’s experience and advice on issues related to municipal waste program administration. Specifically, I’d like to learn more about any case law out there on exactly what it means for a city to be a “market participant” and what are the strengths or weaknesses of municipal ordinances as a tool vs. service contracts. Any information on what conditions typically determine whether a city opts for a waste/recycling hauling franchise arrangement, and any examples of successful multiple-hauler programs will also be appreciated.


We are assessing our program options here and would like to benefit from your collective experience. Thank you for allowing me to post this inquiry.


Wynne Coplea

Mgr, Waste & Recycling

City of Springfield, IL

Office of Public Works

300 S. 7th, Room 201

Springfield, IL 62701


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