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[GreenYes] Re: : Incinerators are not Renewable Energy NOR ARE THEY NON TOXIC

Having been involved with oversight on recycles, C and D,  toxic ash, and one of three waste to energy incinerators in Fla and Plasma Redux Ac and Dc Low and high voltage and waste Gasification with access to design and performance data that is not public and never will be I can say you forgot something rather significant
Potable Water use and contamination.
Please take a look at the EIS Environmental Impact Statements filed for these new  clean incinerators to which you refer and you will get the idea.
BTW these WTE plants are very expensive to build and operate because with the ones I looked at ... they rely on Natural Gas to maintain the fire consistently  and produce some of the most toxic ash on the planet. See the ASH barge that was the subject of network news and a movie that was docked in 2001
Oh and I reviewed the DEP test data personally.

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