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[GreenYes] SustainabilityForum.Com Newsletter July 2007

Title: [GreenYes] SustainabilityForum.Com Newsletter July 2007

Dear newsgroup members,

Welcome the SustainabilityForum Newsletter July 2007.

The forum is currently going from strength to strength. Even though it
is summer and many people are enjoying the sunshine last month was the
strongest month ever in terms of member growth and participation. Read
more in our highlights section and most popular discussion topics
section below.

Highlights July 2007:

    * New participation record for the third month in a row: The
number of posts and new topics has stayed on the high level of June
200 new discussion topics and nearly 400 new posts.
    * Record number of 126 new members: We have surpassed the 700
member number during July and now have nearly 740 members.
    * Due to popular demand we added another topic specific forum on
"Sustainable Energy".

Find out more at:

Most popular discussion topics during July:

    * Ethical Shopping - Is it just window dressing by consumers who
can afford it or real change?

    * Biofuels vs. Fossil Fuels - Are biofuels really better?

    * Eating ecologically and ethically - Is this possible?

    * Can any technology beyond the Stone Age be truly

Specific forum links:

Main Discussion Forum

Sustainable Lifestyle Forum

Corporate Responsibility Forum

Climate Change Forum

Job offers and internships

Sustainable Energy

See you in the forum.



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