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[GreenYes] Need referrals for in house recycling for shipping boxes

Title: [GreenYes] Need referrals for in house recycling for shipping boxes

I'm a shipping manager that receives weekly 50 to 100 Fed Ex,DHL, UPS
type (slick exterior) and regular cardboard boxes and all types of
basic packing materials to include packing paper, styro and presumably
corn based filler peanuts/popcorn, air filled #2 plastic filler and
bubble wrap of varying sizes. They pile up and I have to find ways to
reuse or recycle them or throw them in the trash.We can reuse some of
these materials about 70 % of the time when shipping to vendors
especially the "peanuts."  The other 30 % has to be new or resembling
new boxes and filler materials for clients expecting a well finished

I've asked my packing materials vendor if they have any solutions such
as a chopper with hopper to reduce the boxes to something about the
size of a quarter that the reused peanuts could be mixed in with to
give it the loft necessary to fill without adding too much weight to
keep shipping costs down.

I have found some online commercial cardboard pressers/shredders but
they would not be workable in that the end product is a wavy version
of a cut up cardboard box which is almost a sure waste of
energy(electricity and my time) to me.

We are utilizing local recycling pickup weekly at present and roving
recycling scavenger trucks for most of the cardboard. I'd like however
to keep the materials in house to cut down on what I perceive again as
wasted energy  for me cutting boxes,then dragging the carts up and
down steps with a elevator ride in between, bringing the carts back in
and the occasional vandalization of the carts and all the costs that
come with this ship it to somewhere else system we have at present not
to mention fuel and pollution.

Is anyone aware of any literature or resources that may detail some
sort of proven device that could chop most any cardboard box to the
size mentioned above?. I can get the boxes down for processing to
about 24" X 12" folded easily to about 1/4" thick for processing. When
delivering the machine it would have to be able to pass through a
series of 30" wide by 7' tall doors. My ceiling is approximately 10 to
12' from the ground. Floor space ranges from  5 to 100 square feet. I
am physically able to process these items manually simply turning a
handle or by some kind of hookup to a system that could integrate a
bicycle or exercise bicycle into the design or by using standard "110"
electrical in my warehouse. Of course cost is important. I may be
smart enough to build a simple machine less electrical if anyone has
any ideas.

Your help in furthering this discussion would be appreciated.

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