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[GreenYes] Recycling of Uniforms (Mixed Cloth)

First Natl. Bank of Santa Fe has approximately 100+ lbs. of embroidered uniform shirts and stenciled t-shirts that it would like to dispose of in an ecologically friendly manner.  The clothing includes products made from cotton, denim, nylon, and rayon.  We are interested in making contact with any reclamation sources that have the capacity to recycle these types of clothing.  For the security of our bank customers and bank employees we prefer that the clothing not be circulated within the community, therefore we are not interested in the “used clothing” market.  It is our preference that the clothing be dismantled.  Please forward your recommendations to me at mlobato@no.address.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Martin B. Lobato

Purchasing & Facilities Coordinator

First National Bank of Santa Fe

Ph: 505/992-2019

Fax: 505/992-2025

Cell: 505/795-6755


Forwarded to listserves by English Bird, New Mexico Recycling Coalition



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