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[GreenYes] Recycle when Energy

Title: [GreenYes] Recycle when Energy

Hello all -

My $.02 regarding the economics of recycling retry (cells of like material):

TE Graedel at Yale has done some very interesting work in this area.
Sherwood Plot
urnalCode=ees), which maps material dilution against price.

I'm sure there's someone out there who can get into the gory details, but
what I got from the concept is that at a certain economic point, it becomes
economically feasible to mine landfills instead of mountains.  By using a
"cell methodology" in our landfill management, we could improve those
economics, right?

I remember distinctly that Dr. Graedel used copper as his example, and the
economics are already there.

Best regards from an arm chair economist

Amy Bauman

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