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[GreenYes] Re: Recycle when Energy

Title: [GreenYes] Re: Recycle when Energy

At 09:19 AM 7/5/2007 -0700, weedeat@no.address wrote:

>Why is it not better to recycle what we can and then use WTE plants to
>make energy out of the rest of the garabge to make energy, instead or
>coal , or oil import here , why not use what the USA has tons of

Garbage incineration is a bad idea for reasons that, hopefully, are
well-known to most of the people on this list.

Two are (1) the health-damaging emissions from incinerators, and (2)
that burning up "garbage" wastes more energy than recycling the same
materials.  (The energy recovered from the burning is less than that
saved by recycling....)

Alan Muller

Alan Muller, Executive Director
Green Delaware
Box 69
Port Penn, DE 19731 USA
cell 302.299.6783

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