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[GreenYes] Run for NRC Board of Directors!!! Please!!!

I encourage you to run for the NRC board, particularly if you are a local government official or a nonprofit leader. The board recently voted to provide financial support for travel to board meetings for those who do not receive support from their employers (something that I struggled with and a reason I didn't run for a second term).  There are six spots available!!

Call me if you have any questions or need encouragement!!


Christine McCoy
City of Alexandria

NRC Board  

The NRC is governed by a board of directors comprised of our members. Each year, NRC members are given the opportunity to take on a leadership role in the Coalition by running for the Board of Directors. NRC seeks board members with strong leadership skills and favors candidates with experience working with state recycling organizations.

This year's nominations period for the candidate slate is now open and will close on June 29. Members will elect six people to the board this year. All interested members must complete the nomination package by June 29. While you can run from the floor at the Congress & Expo in Denver, the overwhelming majority of board members have been elected through the nomination and slate process, and we strongly recommend that you submit an application if you'd like to serve as a board member.

To help our members make more informed decisions when they cast their ballots, this year we will again post on our website the responses to the questions in the nominations package by each candidate on the slate.

Nominations are due at 5:00 p.m. EST on Friday, June 29, 2007. For more information, download the Nomination Package (a pdf) and the Board Nomination Form(a Word document).

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