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[GreenYes] Zero Waste and WTE...

Hello All -

I'm going to be discussing waste management issues with my director on Friday and I wanted to talk to him about approaches for managing our waste in the long-term. The City of Alexandria has a WTE facility that is co-owned with Arlington County and operated by Covanta. Are there any communities using WTE that may be trying to figure out a way to eliminate their WTE facilities, or other disposal facilities in the future?  Are there any Zero Waste communities that have adopted such aggressive plans or goals? If so, please send me contact names and numbers ASAP.

I'm not suggesting that we are headed this way....I'm just curious how other folks are talking about the future of their waste management systems!!! Alexandria is very urban and our WTE facility is being encroached upon by housing developments and residents who may not want to live by such facility (though it's very well operated and managed). This industrial corridor in the City is already under some stress due to other land-uses that folks aren't please with - including a coal plant and a paving plant. I know there are some who are considering opposing the expansion of a C&D transfer facility nearby as well :(
You know - the NIMBY stuff that goes on everywhere.

In any event, I would appreciate any feedback, input and info you can provide!

Thanks so very much,

Christine McCoy
City of Alexandria
703/519-3486 ext. 132

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