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[GreenYes] [p2] Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Awards Nominations, Due 6-22-07

Apologies for Cross-Postings

>Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 12:47:14 -0700
>From: "Raul E Gonzalez" <raulg@no.address>
>To: <p2@no.address>
>Subject: [p2] FW: NPPR Announces the Application Period for MVP2 Awards
>From: Jeffrey Burke [mailto:Jeff@no.address]
>Sent: Friday, May 18, 2007 9:14 AM
>Subject: NPPR Announces the Application Period for MVP2 Awards
>Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Awards Application Period Opens
>The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR)
>11 DuPont Circle, NW; Suite 201
>Washington, DC 20036
>May 18, 2007
>NPPR announces the application period for the Most Valuable
>Pollution Prevention (MVP2) Awards. The application deadline is
>June 22, 2007 (post marked).
>Since 1997, NPPR has been recognizing outstanding P2 efforts
>throughout the country. The 2007 MVP2 Awards will attempt to
>recognize at least one program/project from each of the following
>types of organization: Local government; State government; Federal
>government; Tribal; Not-for-profit; and private industry.
>As in the past, the awards will recognize those projects with
>continuing dedication to pollution prevention (P2). Third party
>judges will use the following criteria to evaluate
>applications: Innovation in pollution prevention; Measurable P2
>results; Transferability to other P2 projects or programs;
>Commitment to P2; Optimization of available P2 project resources.
>In addition to outstanding projects, there is an Environmental
>Writing award that recognizes publications that have had a major
>impact in the area of P2 and are judged on originality, impact and
>quality. Eligible publications include, but are not limited to,
>books, fact sheets or case studies, articles in popular press, peer
>reviewed journal articles, and editorials or opinion letters.
>Nominated publications should address ideas such as highlighting
>P2's public health, environmental, or economic benefits, increasing
>the use of P2 such as multi-media approaches to source reduction, or
>focusing greater attention on P2 projects.
>NPPR gives the Volunteer of the Year Award to the member whose
>efforts have had an outstanding impact on implementing pollution
>prevention in one or more of the following areas: Setting P2 vision
>and strategies; Leading and directing P2 programs;
>Implementing P2 projects; Significant impact on P2 achieved. The P2
>Champion Award recognizes a leader in promoting P2 beyond their
>usual work duties.
>One may self nominate for all of these awards. An application can be
>found on the NPPR website at
>Please mail to The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable, 11
>Dupont Circle, Suite 201, Washington, DC 20036. Or fax to (202) 299-9704.
>There is a $50 application fee.
>Jeffrey J. Burke
>Executive Director
>National Pollution Prevention Roundtable
>11 DuPont Circle, NW; Suite 201
>Washington, DC 20036
>Ph: (202) 299-9701
>Fax: (202) 299-9704
>MVP2 award applications are due by June 22! Make sure your
>outstanding program or project gets the national recognition it
>deserves. Don't forget to nominate some one for P2 Champion or
>Vounteer of the Year! Go to
><> for more details.
>Join NPPR today! <>

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485
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