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[GreenYes] RE: Zero Waste Music Festivals?

Thank you Scottie, I actually have several friends who go to Burning Man
every year and I am on the "JackRabbitSpeaks" mailing list.

I am greatly appreciative of the FSB and the GreenYes lists for ALL of the
responses I have received!!! (most of them were off-list)

Over the next few months I hope to pull all of the information I can gather
into one document and will post it to one of my web sites for free
distribution. It will also include a section specifically for road-tripping
music fans who tour following "jam" bands.

I currently serve as an advisory board member for RocktheEarth and as the
Summer Tour Coordinator for HeadCount I worked with The Dead, Phish and Dave
Mathews Band managing their voter registration programs. I also serve on
the boards of a few other music related non-profits and have some good
connections to numerous touring bands throughout the US.

Once vetted by some of my friends with zero waste and sustainability
expertise, I will provide whatever I can pull together to all of my friends
in the music industry to post on their web sites as well.

I think it would be great to have a repository for a "Living" document on
greening festivals specifically and the music industry in general that could
be continually updated with contributions of "best practices" and new ideas
submitted by festival organizers, musicians, sustainability experts and

Another possibility would be to create a web site with links to the
"greening" section of each of the major festival web sites with an agreement
that they will update their pages each year w/o changing the url. That
might help keep new organic and independent ideas flowing without the need
to compile everything.

Whatever I ultimately pull together will include "Thank You's" acknowledging
everybody who has provided suggestions, information, or links to good
reference sources.

Most gratefully,
In the key of green,

Robert W. Hollis, CEO
Carnegie Partners, LLC
Ph (916) 717-8108
eFax (916) 290-0312

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Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 6:16 PM
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Subject: Re: Zero Waste Music Festivals?

Hi there Bob,

Have you heard of Burning Man? It's a wacky art festival that attracts 40000
people each year to the Black Rock Dessert in Nevada. It has a LNT (leave no
trace) policy that is adhered to better than any other event of any size
that I've ever heard of. I'm sure that the organisers would be more than
willing to share some of their practices with you. Check out for more. Note that there's an
appropriate theme for this year too.



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From: Bob Hollis [mailto:rhollis@no.address]
Sent: Tuesday, 22 May 2007 3:31 PM
To: 'Fostering Sustainable Behavior Listserv'
Subject: Zero Waste Music Festivals?

I have been asked to help make an annual music festival a "zero waste"
The event is held on a county fairgrounds site and attracts approximately
5,000 campers for four days.
I am looking for a list of event "best practices" that might help us
accomplish this goal.
If any of you have anything you can share I would greatly appreciate it.

Bob Hollis

Robert W. Hollis, CEO
Carnegie Partners, LLC
Ph (916) 717-8108
eFax (916) 290-0312


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