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[GreenYes] Re: Diversion of food waste at staffed solid waste centers?

In NYC you can drop off compostables at the Union Square Greenmarket and at
the Ft. Greene Farmers Market in Brooklyn. I don't know if they are staffed
to your standards, but the people who recycle the food waste (Lower East
Side Ecology Center) also maintain a table where they sell finished compost.

Christina Salvi, Recycling Outreach Coordinator
Office of Recycling Outreach and Education (OROE)
Council on the Environment of New York City (CENYC)
51 Chambers Street, Room 228
New York, NY 10007
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Subject: [GreenYes] Re: Diversion of food waste at staffed solid waste

Blair -

If I understand your question, you are asking if there are staffed drop-offs
for food scraps?

I am only aware of one, true drop-off center for food scraps, operated by
Eco-Cycle in Boulder at the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHARM).
One can drive up and drop-off a banana peel or the week's food scraps. Many
(though not all) compost facilities which take food scraps may be open to
public drop-off of food scraps. I've seen this happen at the Western Lake
Superior Sanitary District (Duluth, MN) food scraps composting facility
where large generators (like a fish-processor) will self-haul food scraps
for drop off at the compost facility. I imagine other compst facilities
which accept food scraps would also allow public drop-off.

Eco-Cycle and a few Whole Food stores also have food scraps recycling
containers at key locations (the Boulder Farmer's market in the case of
Eco-Cycle and outside of their stores in the public eating areas in the case
of some Whole Food stores) Inside the food court at the Mexico City airport
also has food scrap recycling containers. These are more like traditional
recycling containers than drop-offs, but the result is the same. I'm sure
there are other examples.

Is that what you meant?

Matthew Cotton

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On May 23, 2007, at 10:53 AM, Blair Pollock wrote:

Does anyone anywhere have diversion opportunities for residential (or other
source) food waste at staffed drop off sites for recycling & waste?

Blair Pollock

Solid Waste Planner

Orange County Solid Waste Management Department

P.O. Box 17177

Chapel Hill, NC 27516-7177

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instead be recycled with hazardous household wastes at the Orange County
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