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[GreenYes] Harvard Kennedy School - $100k prize for gov't innovation

If you know of organizations or activities that might be a good
candidate for this award, please look at the following information and
website (do not reply to me). NOTE: THE DEADLINE IS April 30TH.


From IBM and the Ash Institute at Harvard's Kennedy School

Who do you know that's engaged in transforminggovernment and deserves
more recognition? We need nominations for this award! Here's the story.

From The "IBM Innovations Award in
Transforming Government," administered by the Ash Institute, will
recognize innovations across the globe that reflect tangible and
sustainable improvements in policy, processes, quality, timeliness or
effectiveness of public services.

All levels of government -- central, state, local, tribal, and
territorial -- are eligible to apply for recognition of programs that
cover the full scope of government activity, ranging from healthcare,
education and social services to national security.

?Increasingly, government must manage a diverse web of relationships to
deliver value to citizens, said Stephen Goldsmith, Director of the
Innovations in American Government Program at the Ash Institute, ?and
often this requires a profound change in the way that governments do

To win, a transformative change will require (a) innovation, (b)
demonstrated effectiveness, (c) scope and significance, (d)
collaboration, and (e) transferability.

You can learn more about the award, and find the nomination form, at You can make nominations entirely on

You can learn more about the Ash Institute at

Two quite different examples of transformative innovation are ?In
Energy Conservation, Calif. Sees Light ? at
?ShotSpotter,? at

Please nominate your favorite example of transformative government

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