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[GreenYes] Re: consumer drop-off recycling contest and prizes

Choose shopping complexes to place drop-off recycling station. Most
parent enjoy taking children to shopping complexes over the weekend.
Most customers are discount card holders of the anchor shops in the
complexes and have details of their customers. Do what KFC and McDonalds
are doing to to entice children to their shops with toy collection. Send
out flyers to customers that children will be given toys or they will be
given points when they send their recyclables to the drop-off recycling
station at the shopping complexes. Children / parents can opt to donate
their toys or points to selected charitable organization.

What's in it for shopping complexes? Hold a competition, the shopping
complex that collects the most recyclables for the month or year gets an
award and publicity.


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>Subject: Re: [GreenYes] consumer drop-off recycling contest and prizes
>There are sufficient references to incentive and awards programs for
>curbside recycling.
>What seems to be lacking are incentive/award programs for consumer
>recycling at drop-off locations. I'd like to devise some scheme to
>induce consumers to make use of a centralized drop-off recycling
>station, particularly where curbside recycling is not firmly
>established. How could one track individuals using the recycling drop-
>off station and provide for some sort of award system?
>Thanks for any thoughts on this issue.

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