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[GreenYes] Comparison of cell phone and toner cartridge recycling services?

Apologies for Cross-Postings

Does anyone know of a comparison of different services providers
comparing the end-uses of recycling cell phone and/or ink cartridges,
and the values paid to nonprofit partners?


>Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 10:24:49 -0700
>To: "Monique Jacobs" <mjacobs@no.address>
>From: Gary Liss <gary@no.address>
>Subject: Recycling Question
>Cc: gary@no.address
>I am generally familiar with these type of collection services and
>believe both of these companies appear to be good service
>providers. I particularly liked Eco-Cell's commitment to no
>landfilling, and 80% of the phones being refurbished and
>reused. Reuse is MUCH better than just recycling. I didn't see a
>similar commitment on US Recycle's site.
>If you'd like, I could forward these 2 links to colleagues who are
>more knowledgeable and get their feedback and any comparison details.
>At 08:23 AM 4/13/2007, you wrote:
>>Hi Gary,
>>...Riverbanks Zoo & Garden has had a cell phone/ink cartridge
>>recycling program underway (loosely) for the last year. It's been
>>kind of under the radar, and we're planning to jump start it to
>>make it more impactful in the next couple of months. We're likely
>>going to tie in the "save the rainforest/save gorilla habitats"
>>message, but we'd also like to know what recycling these items
>>might do to help us here at home (I think the majority of people
>>around here tend to act/react more deliberately when the sense of
>>urgency relates to their backyard). The main info we have comes
>>Didn't know what you think about the info on this site and/or if
>>you know where we might find additional info about the value of
>>recycling cell phone and/or ink cartridges? We're not actually
>>working in conjunction with Eco-Cell but with a local recycling
>>outlet called US Recycling:
>><> (They
>>don't have much info on their site).
>>Any info/insight/ideas you might have would be greatly appreciated!
>>Monique Jacobs
>>Manager, Riverbanks Society
>>PO Box 1060, Columbia, SC 29202-1060
>>803.779.8717 x1240
>>803.253.6381 fax
>>Riverbanks membership means more - more visits, more savings, more
>>fun! For information or to join today, please visit:
>Gary Liss
>Fax: 916-652-0485

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485
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