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[GreenYes] NEWS: Recyclers Global Warming Council Formed

Recyclers Global Warming Council Formed

For More Info:

John Davis, 909-797-7717

(SACRAMENTO) The California Resource Recovery Association Board
formed the new Recyclers Global Warming Council, to spearhead the
organization's greenhouse gas reduction efforts. This Council is
charged to work with other organizations wanting to form a coalition
addressing the role reducing, reusing, recycling and composting
discarded materials can play in reducing greenhouse gases.

The Recyclers Global Warming Council grew from CRRA's March 19, 2007
workshop "Reducing Greenhouse Gases by Composting Organics". That
Sacramento workshop brought together a new coalition to inform the
state's climate change policy makers of the major role that
composting can play in reducing green house gas emissions.

Approximately 100 representatives of composting and recycling
businesses and organizations were convened by the California Resource
Recovery Association (CRRA) to develop a common position to present
to decision makers.

The groups defined five key issues:
1. Composting to date has received insufficient attention for its
importance to reducing the waste industry's responsibility for
greenhouse gases. Increasing composting diverts the decomposable part
of our discards from landfills where it rots in oxygen-starved
conditions that create the methane emissions of concern.
2. Landfill operators claim that it captures most of the methane,
but the little information that is available does not support those claims.
3. California's singular practice of allowing the use of cheap
compostable yard trimmings as an alternative daily landfill cover (or
ADC) to qualify for recycling credits is crippling the state's
compost industry and must be ended.
4. More work needs to be done to facilitate siting of composting
facilities, including educating planners, city councils, and
ratepayers on local land-use issues and permitting, streamlining Air
District and Water Board permitting, and allowing farmers to compost.
5. State and local policies needs to be developed that encourage
highest and best use of organic material, composting, and purchase of
finished compost.

CRRA has set up a discussion group for anyone who is interested in
these issues at:

For more information about the Recyclers Global Warming Council,
contact John Davis at 909-797-7717 or
<mailto:modemo@no.address>modemo@no.address For more
information about CRRA's Policy Committee, contact Rick Anthony, CRRA
Policy Committee Chair, 858-272-2905 or
<mailto:ricanthony@no.address>ricanthony@no.address For more information
about CRRA, contact Julie Muir, CRRA President, 651-321-4261 or
<mailto:juliem@no.address>juliem@no.address .

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485
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