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[GreenYes] Re: Greening magazines - 'stickies' and other adhesives


--edited for space--
>> The Wisconsin Council on Recycling did a survey of its paper recycling mills and found that "stickies" were the
>> biggest contamination problem of paper recyclers, with one executive estimating the cost to the paper recycling
>>mills of over $2 billion a year. And, of course, any costs to the mills means a lower price paid for the recycled
>>material. This executive brought in large globs of PSAs that had jammed machines and samples of recycled paper
>>that had to be rejected due to contamination from PSAs.
>> As an example of its use in magazines, I just received this week's issue of Newsweek, and there was a four page
>>insert using an hot melt glue that will contaminate the recycling of this paper.

When you refer to "stickies," is this now a publishing-industry term?
Would you define the range of offending materials? That is, are you
referring to more than the gummy, rubber-cemented (or glue-gunned?)
inserted advertisements? Does the problem described above involve
items like Post-It Notes, which I'd thought had become water-soluble?
I've had processors' reps say they are acceptable. Is this typically
not so?


Russell Klein
Community Environmental Education Specialist,
D.C. Office of Recycling
D.C. Department of Public Works
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Rethink. Reduce. Reuse... And then Recycle.

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