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[GreenYes] US: Garbage Burning Folks and the NYC Bar Association bring you a March 22 Debate - Final Agenda/Flyer attached

For those in or planning to be in NYC on March 22nd, Christine Fazio and the NYC Bar Association have recently been entertaining Columbia University's Earth Engineering Center's ongoing fascination with garbage burning technologies.

In spite of a renown fight that lasted well over a decade, they will be conducting a publicly accessible debate. The issue for NYC ended with legislation both in NYC (1992) and NYS (1996) that left only a glimmer of opportunity to site such a facility locally. If you're interested in attending, perhaps to cheer on Barbara Warren, Ellen Connett, Neil Seldman and Suzanne Mattei please RSVP to Ms. Fazio at fazio@no.address .

If you are unable to attend, but would like to send thoughts, documentations and concerns to the NYC Bar Association for bringing this discussion up again after it was settled over a decade ago please email Ms. Fazio at the same.

"A Public Debate: Is Thermal Treatment of Solid Wastes Good for New York City?"
March 22nd, (8:30) 9am-12:15pm
42 West 44th Street
Given the failure of the NYC Department of Sanitation (DSNY) to satisfy or adequately enforce the City's existing Recycling Law and the extreme expense of capital investment associated with "Thermal Treatment", one might imagine that plans for a stream of waste to burn will compete directly with opportunities to improve education and enforcement or development of programming in support of waste prevention, reuse, recycling and organic decomposition.

Please feel free to forward as appropriate and apologies for overlapping listserve notifications.

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