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[GreenYes] Re: Landfill methane recovery data EPA Life-Cycle Assessment

Solid Waste Management and Greenhouse Gases: A Life-Cycle Assessment of
Emissions and Sinks
In the 21st century, management of municipal solid waste continues to be an
important environmental challenge. Climate change is also a serious issue, and
the United States is embarking on a number of voluntary actions to reduce
the emissions of greenhouse gases that can intensify climate change. This
report examines how municipal solid waste management and climate change are
Management of municipal solid waste presents many opportunities for
greenhouse gas emission reductions. Source reduction and recycling can reduce
emissions at the manufacturing stage, increase forest carbon storage, and avoid
landfill methane emissions. Combustion of waste allows energy recovery to
displace fossil fuel-generated electricity from utilities, thus reducing greenhouse
gas emissions from the utility sector and landfill methane emissions.
Diverting organic materials from landfills also reduces methane emissions.
This report is the third edition of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Management
of Selected Materials in Municipal Solid Waste. You can _download the
report_ (
using the links below.
Since the publication of the second edition of the report, EPA's Climate and
Waste Program has added several new material types, which have been
published separately on this website. With the recent publication of the third
edition of this report, EPA has added tires as a new material type, as well as
updating the emission factors for most other material types. The methodologies
used to develop the factors for tires are documented in the _Background
Documents_ (
below. These background documents also provide supporting detail regarding
the methodology and data used to develop the report and to update existing
emission factors.
You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See
_EPA's PDF page_ ( to learn more.
Report Sections
_Full Report_
( (PDF, 170 pp., 5.6 MB)
_Cover_ (
(PDF, 1 page, 324 KB)
_Table of Contents_
( (PDF, 4 pp., 182 KB)
_Executive Summary_
( (PDF, 20 pp., 619 KB)
( (PDF, 15 pp., 408 KB)

Leonard E. Wheeler, Jr. BSIT/MPA/ REM
Bio Hazardous Waste to Energy Systems Developer
_Lwheeler45@no.address (mailto:Lwheeler45@no.address)

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